Call classification identifiers are used to categories the call once the customer has hung up and while the staff member remains on the phone, they will hear a series of prompts (e.g. press 1 for: was a sale made, press 2 for: was an appointment made, press 3 for: a general enquiry etc.).

For quick and easy identification of inbound calls delivered by Nascomms call tracking to your business, and outbound calls made using Nascomms “Have a Chat” service, or you can set up call feedback classification shortcuts in your dashboard.

At the end of the call, your staff member will press the corresponding number on their telephone keypad before hanging up (e.g. Press 1 if they have made a sale). Access to your call classification data is available through your call logs and reports, positively identifying the types of calls that Nascomms call tracking are delivering to your business from your marketing.