Here is a list of case studies who have used Nascomms services to help them work seamlessly and more efficiently.

  • In recent times Queensland business has been dealt a double blow with floods and extreme weather condition causing damage to their physical business as well as loss of sales due to downtime while making repairs.

    While Nascomms can’t control mother nature, we were able to assist our clever customers by giving them the tools to carry on receiving their call away from the reconstruction of their business.

    Nascomms Call Routing provides a simple and cost-effective method to redirect calls to mobile phones and landlines away from the disruptions that caused to business.

  • The current issues around NBN have caused a great deal of stress for business

    With VOIP telephones and digital communication reliant on this technology working, many of Nascomms customers have come to rely on the ability to point their incoming calls directly to sales and support staff unaffected by these outages.

    Nascomms nationwide network service provides with the peace of mind that outage can be bypassed with the press of a button.

  • As your business grows, Nascomms can support you with its range of services. Recently a car detailing business wanted to test the possibility of opening 5 new offices in other regions but didn’t want the expense of purchasing office space before building its client base in the area.

    Nascooms integrated services allowed the business to purchase numbers in each strategic areas. These numbers were advertised and the incoming call data was monitored for call patterns and customer response. The calls were directly routed to mobile staff and offices for quick response times (and happy customers).

    The company was able to plan and budget for the opening of 3 new locations without supporting the loss of revenue of the poor responses recorded in the other 2 proposed location.

    Just another way that Nascomms is supporting growing business.

  • A group of builders use Nascomms services to ensure that they always capture business in their target area.

    “George” proposed that each business owner employ a Nascomms GeoCalling number on their trucks, business cards, website, roadside billboards and other advertising materials.

    Nascomms system of call distribution allowed calls not answered by busy builders to automatically transfer to the nest member of the group.

    This allowed for a larger physical area to be serviced by the group, ensuring everyone had more than enough business during quiet times.

    George’s partner later upgraded their Nascomms service to include call tracking and was able to monitor peek times of the day, month and year, allowing them to employ staff to handle those sales opportunities.

    No lost opportunities. No large area advertising. Just smart business tactics.

  • Nathan is an electrician and cabling guru. He works long hours but is not planning to expand his business just yet. Nathan came to Nascomms to solve his problems with grumpy customers.

    “It’s just not possible to run my office while I’m busy working, but I’m losing valuable business by missing calls. I’m also having customers ring 24/7 and I just don’t get a break.”

    Nascomms SBB allowed Nathan to keep his personal mobile private and have his unanswered calls directed to Nascomms voicemail service. Nathan then receives an email that he has missed a call as well as all his customer details and voice message.

  • Michelle is a keen real estate agent working for a small agency. Using her Nascomms GeoCalling Numbers combined with her CallTracking account, she has seen figures “…that let me know advertising budget is getting maximum value for money.”

    Michelle has recently cut her advertising budget in half by focusing on the market areas that responded energetically to the positioning of her advertising.

    “Without CallTracking I would never have known who was seeing my advertising or where the most number of eyes were.”

    Michelle applies GeoCalling numbers to each of her ad sources she then directs her calls to her mobile while out of the office and to her desk when available. Using Nascomms reposting system, she views a report which tells her which numbers are being called which gives her key data on where her advertising is having the most impact and success rate.