What is a VMN?

Historically, phone numbers are assigned to a physical location or mobile phone SIM. Calls to that number could only be delivered to that location or device and businesses would have to reroute the calls using expensive PBX systems or sluggish online redirection methods.

With a virtual mobile phone number (VMN), this limitation is removed, allowing a company to use a phone number in a more flexible manner with no reliance on physical presence of phone lines or phone systems. Calls to a virtual phone number are handled by Nascomms which forwards on calls based on user defined rules as well as providing the ability to record conversations from both parties and provide analytics of the call.

Benefits of using Virtual Mobile Numbers in your business

SMS Marketing (BETA)

Have you got clients who want to communicate via SMS? Nascomms VMN now provides you with a way to market to your non-verbal clients. Every VMN comes with the ability to send and receive SMS messages for your campaigns, client SMS broadcasts and text-based campaigns. Allowing you to communicate and store sms records of conversations and use your numbers to send links to online media and more. SMS campaign analytics are being developed and will be available soon.

Staff Changes and cost savings

Have you ever lost a client because a sales rep left or was unavailable to your customer? Businesses often deal with the nightmare of losing touch with customers if a sales or client rep should leave or go on leave. Provide your staff with a contact number that stays with the company, or can be reassigned, if they should move on. Your staff are free to use their own devices for one or many numbers as required.


For small businesses and sole traders, using a Nascomms VMN not only provides you with the ability to route your call to any phone (mobile or landline), but you have the tools to set date and time functions for where your calls can be channelled. If your number is receiving unwanted calls you can block numbers, record nuisance calls and available details and even suspend numbers.


By providing your online, social media and print media advertising with different virtual numbers, your staff can be notified as the call comes in, using a call whisper, of what the call is about. Premium or highly valued campaigns can be prioritised for maximum ROI.


Using a VMN means calls can be recorded and reviewed by management for quality and verification.